The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools by Julie Causton Ph.D.

The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools

Book Title: The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 1598572989

Author: Julie Causton Ph.D.

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Julie Causton Ph.D. with The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools

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Behind every successful inclusive school is a great principal with passion, vision, and a practical plan. With so much riding on their strong and proactive leadership, every principal and administrator will want this how-to book: the essential guide to bringing schoolwide inclusion from theory to practice. Covering everything from the basics of special education to the everyday nuts and bolts of making inclusion work, two renowned inclusion experts give readers clear guidance they can use right away to lead a fully inclusive school where every student learns and belongs. New and veteran administrators will discover how to make schoolwide (and districtwide) reforms that support social and academic success—and help all students reach their full potential.

  • Provide all students with access to the general education curriculum in the least restrictive environment
  • Solicit input and expertise from everyone-teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff
  • Promote close collaboration between general and special educators
  • Create inclusive service delivery
  • Implement academic and social supports that meet the individual needs of each student
  • Make sound decisions about content-specific accommodations and modifications
  • Facilitate use of gentle and positive supports to resolve challenging behavior
  • Partner effectively with school staff and families
  • Create a school culture that encourages independence and high expectations for all
  • Relieve job-related stress and avoid burnout
PRACTICAL MATERIAL: Concrete, real-world tips and strategies; first-person stories from school leaders; answers to commonly asked questions in every chapter; helpful checklists and forms on co-teaching, behavior support, school reform planning, and more.

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